Life Insurance

Life insurance can help to take care of your family, if something happens to you. Get peace of mind with Allianz’s LifeCover Plus.

  • Up to $1,500,000 life cover depending on your age 1
  • No medical examinations required to apply
  • Fast and secure online application

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Life Insurance

Life Cover

It’s hard to think about how your loved ones would manage without you, but making preparations now means less to worry about later. With a lump sum payment if you die or become terminally ill (with a life expectancy of less than 12 months), it’s an easy way to help provide for your family. To apply for life cover, you must be aged 16 – 65. You can apply for up to $1.5 million1 life cover depending on your age.

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Life Insurance

Critical illness cover

If you suffer a defined critical illness event such as cancer or a heart attack2, critical illness cover (also known as trauma cover) pays a lump sum to help you cover your living and medical costs, so you can concentrate on recovering from your illness. To apply for critical illness cover, you must be aged 16-55. You can apply for up to $500,000 critical illness cover1 and can only take out this cover in conjunction with life cover. Waiting periods apply to certain illnesses.

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Life Insurance

Permanently unable to work cover

If you couldn’t work ever again, how would you support yourself and your family? Permanently unable to work cover pays a lump sum if you suffer a major physical impairment like blindness, or a sickness or injury that leaves you unlikely to ever be able to work again. To apply for permanently unable to work cover, you must be aged 16-55. You can apply for up to $1.5 million permanently unable to work cover1 depending on your age, and can only take out this cover in conjunction with life cover.

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Why choose life insurance through 1300 Insurance

Quality cover

We think that everyone should be able to have peace of mind and protect the people they love, which is why we have partnered with one of Australia’s leading insurers to provide quality cover to our customers.

Fast online application

It’s quick and easy to apply for life cover through us. There are no medical tests to apply, and you can apply for cover using a simple, secure online application process.

Flexible cover

Over time your needs might change. Once your policy is in place you can apply to increase your level of cover at any time, subject to assessment.

Quick and easy claims

Life cover claims are always made at a painful and difficult time. We want to make things easier, so we’ve partnered with Allianz which makes it simple to claim, with claims being handled as quickly as possible.

Backed by one of the biggest names in Australia

Life insurance is brought to you in partnership with Allianz, one of Australia’s most trusted and respected companies – giving you quality cover from an insurer you can trust.

1300 Insurance Pty Ltd ABN 50 124 845 727 AR Number 327609 is authorised to refer you to the insurer Allianz Australia Life Insurance Limited ABN 27 076 033 782 AFSL 296559 (Allianz Life) and to provide written general advice on this insurance as the insurer’s agent. We do not provide any advice based on any consideration of your objectives, financial situation or needs. Terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply. Before making a decision, please consider the Product Disclosure Statement. If you purchase this insurance, we will receive a commission which is a percentage of the premium. Ask us for more details before we provide you with services.

1 Maximum cover amount is dependent on your age at the time of application. Maximum Life Cover amount of $1,500,000 only available for applicants aged 16-45. The cover amount of Critical Illness cover and Permanently Unable to Work Cover cannot exceed the Life Cover amount. The minimum cover amount is $50,000 for Critical Illness cover and $100,000 for Life cover and Permanently Unable to Work cover. Please refer to the PDS for details.

2 Conditions covered under this cover are certain types of Vascular Disease, Terminal Cancer, Degenerative Diseases, Cardiac Surgery, and Major Organ Failure. Three month waiting period applies for certain illnesses. Please refer to the ‘When a Critical Illness benefit will be payable’ section in the Product Disclosure Statement which sets out the standard list of covered conditions and events.